Is LGBTI intersex?

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What does the i stand for in Lgbti?
It means intersex. It refers to a person that you can’t really tell whether the person is a male or a female. It can get confusing at times because of the way they dress and you can’t really fault them for doing that. Besides, you have no right to fault them for living their lives the way they want to. They often turn heads because of the way they dress in public which is nice.

What does Brotherboy mean?
It is another term for transgender or someone who wants to change his or her sexual identity. Growing up, this person undergoes several surgeries to look like the other sex. There are times when it is successful and there are times when it is not. In fact, some people would even mistake that person to be more good-looking than straight people from that There are a lot of talented Brotherboys who perform at bars all over Thailand. They are looked up as celebrities there and they do their best to give a good show in front of a live audience.


What does Lbgtqi+ mean?
It is short for lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, intersex. It is basically a community of people who are not straight. Even straight people support this community because they have good friends who are not straight.

What are intersex and allies?
Intersex is people who are born having a combination of sexual variations. Meanwhile, allies are friends of the LGBT community. They are the ones who support gender equality. When there is an issue concerning racism against gay or lesbian people, you can expect these allies to take part in rallies all over the nation. They would want to express their support for gender equality by doing numerous things including writing articles about why they are brave enough to stand up for their gay friends’ rights. You can’t blame those straight people for wanting to be allies of the LGBT community since LGBT people are fun to be with. They are great friends but they are rough enemies as they will stop at nothing to badmouth you if they don’t like you.

What does it mean to be pansexual?
It refers to those people who are attracted to other people despite them not being clear about their sexuality. For example, they are attracted to gays and they also like to cuddle with lesbians. They like all types of sexes and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are enjoying life. Since a pansexual has so many targets, you can’t blame that person for targeting many people at the same time. There can be times when a pansexual is confused regarding what the person really wants romantically. It won’t be a good idea to get in a relationship with one as the person may still be figuring out what he or she really wants. However, if you are alright with having a short-term relationship then it is okay.

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